1mon·ster (the; o; plural: monsters)
1test to judge quality, weight, etc.

Sampling at home

From our perspective, it is important to sample when the consumer has the time and the need.

The Monster Box represents a new frivolous way of sampling, where we want to surprise consumers and let them try (new) products.
Through the Monster Box, consumers can come into contact with your products in their own home environment.
The consumer can order the Monster Box online and it is delivered directly to their home. The promotion is done via Facebook, direct mailing and online advertising.

In November, the 10th edition of the Monster Box will start again. Of course, we want to celebrate this with you and our Monster Box fans. The Monster Boxx has become a household name among families with children. This is reflected in all reactions and results.

All you have to do to participate is deliver 7,000 products and then we provide trial, visibility and distribution.

Now this 10th edition:
• We provide extra attention and publicity through the website, our social media channels and mailings.
• Our research has shown that the consumer wants to have new products in the Monster Box. That’s why we want to add 10 new products to the Monster Box. We will pay extra attention to these 10 new products. If you have a nice new product, please let us know.
• The feedback program, normally paid for, is offered free of charge for this edition, for everyone who confirms their participation before the end of August.

In short:
Start: November 2018
Number: 7,000 pieces
Target group: families with children, m / f 29-49 years
Online reach: over 500,000 million views
Delivery of products: 9 October
Minimum THT: February 2018
Price: free of charge

Let us know whether we should reserve a spot for your product. It is also possible to participate with multiple products.
It would be an advantage if you could confirm your participation before the end of August, so that you can participate in the feedback program for free.

If you are more interested in sampling among biologically interested consumers, check out the Monsterdoos Bio.

Lime Factory always measures the results of all sampling concepts, including the Monster Box. In addition, the product valuation and repeat purchase intent is measured. What is new is that we now also demand actual purchases, including frequency, after half a year.
See below for the growth of the penetration of a number of product groups:

Resultaten Monsterdoos sampling penetratie

The Monster Box appears twice a year in May and November.

So do you also want to benefit from high repeat purchases?

Contact us.


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Monster Box represents a new, frivolous way of sampling at families with children in a home environment…

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