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Sampling of customers involved in sport

From our perspective, it is important to sample when the consumer has the time and the need.

Via the Monster Box Fitness, consumers can come into contact with your products in their own home environment.

The Monster Box Fitness concept developed out of the success of earlier similarly developed concepts. Research shows that 1 in 2 Dutch people take part in sport. More than 17 million people live in the Netherlands, so this means that more than 8.5 million people participate in sport. Research also shows that the majority of the Dutch population take part in sport in a in a gym. More than 18% of all athletes go to the gym: more than 1.5 million people. From our own experience, we can come to the conclusion that this can efficiently be sampled here, and we are responding to this concept.
An important element of Lime Factory’s sampling concept is to ensure that a campaign is measurable, and we will do this for the Monster Box Fitness. Since it is a pilot project, we do not yet have any results; however, the results of sampling via the ‘regular’ sample box, which we expect to correspond with the Monster Box Fitness, can be seen below.

The customer can order the Monster Box Fitness online.

Lime Factory always measures the results of all sampling concepts, including the Monster Box Fitness (this is available once free of charge). In addition, the product valuation and repeat purchase intention is measured. What is new is that we now also demand actual purchases, including frequency, after half a year.

See below for the growth of penetration for a number of product groups:

Resultaten Monsterdoos sampling penetratie

The first Monster Box Fitness will appear during the month of November, 2018.
Would you also like to participate in this pilot?

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Sample box represents a new, frivolous way of sampling families with children in their own home environment.
The Monster Box Fitness will be part of this concept, but more focused on consumers who actively participate in sport.

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The Monster Box can be ordered by customers at ..
The Monster Box Fitness will also be offered via the Monster Box website.

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Social media

We keep consumers informed, and collect feedback, via Facebook and Twitter.
The Monster Box Fitness will be promoted partly through the same channels as Monster Box but also through its own social media channels.