Lenor sampling in sporting goods retailing

Lenor sampling in sporting goods retailing

On behalf of Lenor Unstoppables, we are looking for channels, in France, to distribute packaging samples of this product to consumers who buy sportswear. Lenor Unstoppables is specially designed for use with new sportswear.

  • Période : 2019
  • Groupe cible : Homme / femme sportif/ve 20 – 49
  • Quantité : 5 000 unités et plus
  • Comprend : un programme de feedback

Les avantages pour le détaillant :

  • Action amusante, les produits s’intègrent parfaitement avec le commerce de détail d’articles de sport.
  • Complètement gratuit.
  • Service supplémentaire du magasin.
  • Les clients aiment toujours recevoir des produits gratuits.
Lenor sampling Intersport

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Lenor in the Netherlands with beautiful clear displays in all Intersport stores. The customer has received a sample of the latest Lenor product, named Lenor Unstoppables, together with a flyer. In this way, we have offered customers the opportunity to discover Lenor Unstoppables in a fun way.

Thanks to our feedback program, outlined on the Lenor Unstoppables flyer, customers were able to indicate how they reacted to this product. The feedback was very positive: about 55% said they would repeat their purchase.

Si vous souhaitez également participer, vous pouvez alors communiquer vos données via le formulaire de contact ci-dessous. Ou envoyez un email à info@limefactory.nl