Sampling in the kitchen

Would you like to sample your product in the consumer’s kitchen? Sample at KeukenConcurrent or Keukenkampioen. Potential customers receive a package with nice and suitable products in the store. This package is full of products that are relevant at that time. This can be enjoyed together with the whole family.

At KeukenConcurrent you can sample your product in the KeukenConcurrent Cooker. All potential customers receive this package. Wondering what consumers think of your product? We can map the experiences of the consumer by using a feedback program, whereby we ask the consumer to give a reaction to the product used. For example, the product experience and purchase intention are measured. The feedback program is only for participation of 1 year and may also be possible in combination with KassabonKorting.

Would you rather sample your products in a bag at Keukenkampioen? This is also possible. Keukenkampioen designs and produces all their kitchens in their own factory. So you immediately reach your target group.

In short: 
Period: The whole year.
Number: Maximum of 10.000 pieces.
Delivery of products: End of April, 2019.
Start: May, 2019.
Target group:
29 – 49 years, families with children.

Are you interested or would you like to receive more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.