Kassabonkorting is a platform for cashback promotions and is an alternative way to let consumers try a product through the store. A cashback strategy lowers the threshold for getting new customers. The consumer goes through the entire purchasing process, so that it will be easier to make repeat purchases. The rotation at the retailer is increased, so that a listing can be retained.

Thanks to our customer portal, we have information about a specific group of people. The communication within our customer portal can be fully tailored to your needs and wishes. The promotion can be communicated to consumers on-pack, via Kassabonkorting, Monstertester and online ads.

By requesting a number of details when the customer receives his money back, a comparison can be made between different groups of consumers or different products on which a discount is given. Thanks to the Consumer Insights Application (CIA) you can obtain clear insights, so that you will subsequently understand the consumer better and respond better to this in the future.

Read here more about Kassabonkorting and how you can use cashback promotions.