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What are your annual plans for 2020?

Many people start the new annual planning in mid-August / September. There will be a lot of brainstorming about new strategies, other marketing resources and special events for 2020. Thanks to well-planned annual planning you can perform your tasks more efficiently and you are better prepared. Do you want to market your brand even better in 2020? We help you complete the activation plan!

This can be about formulating objectives, choosing a suitable form of sampling, making an ROI calculation or giving practical tips. We do this on the basis of our expertise and data that we have collected during the past years during the execution of more than 200 sampling campaigns.


How do you bring your brand to the attention in 2020? There are many ways to introduce your brand to the consumer. A good call to action is a must for both your online and offline marketing activities. For example, encourage repeat purchases through money-back promotions, win promotions including online advertisements or other sweepstakes. In this way you create brand preference and you get the consumer moving.

Give consumers the chance to get to know your product through sampling. Handing out free samples of a (new) product can be a great way for consumers to get in touch with your brand and get them talking about the product.

The marketing world has more channels than ever and it is important to understand how the brand activation experience can be linked to the different contact moments with consumers.


Do you want to focus on the trial and penetration of your product next year? Sampling can increase the penetration of your brand. By distributing free samples you can increase the number of consumers trying to increase the product. We also ensure that your message is delivered to the right target group at the right time and place. How about sampling wok sauce with the purchase of wok vegetables from the greengrocer, sampling margarine with the purchase of bread from bakers, or distributing alcohol-free beer at car washes? We match the right channel and target group to your product.



When you want to grow as a brand, it is also important to focus on brand experience. You want the consumer to feel involved with your brand, so that they are more inclined to convert and make a repeat purchase. You can do this through brand optimization. For example, it is important that the content immediately catches the attention and a clear call-to-action is present. For example, during a sampling campaign you can opt for an inviting flyer with call-to-action, a nice recipe card or counter standard.


Brand experience is personal and lies with the consumer: how does a specific person experience the brand? You can respond to this by listening carefully to the needs of your audience and then propagating them. For example, we offer our Consumer Insights Application, so that after the sampling campaign you know how the consumer has experienced your product and whether this has led to a repeat purchase intention.


How about a money back promotion? Kassabonkorting is a platform for money back promotions and is an alternative way to let consumers try a product through the store. A money back strategy lowers the threshold for getting new customers. The consumer goes through the entire purchasing process, so that it will be easier to make repeat purchases. Moreover, you directly stimulate penetration.


Often the first experience someone will have with your brand is the most important. That is why it is important to make the right impact, so that your brand remains in the consumer’s mind for a considerable period of time. Make your sampling schedule on time and be creative to guarantee the best results.


Thanks to our many years of experience in the sampling world, we can help you with additional information and advice about your own sampling campaign. Are you interested in a sampling campaign or can you use help with your activation plan? Please contact us.

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