Get consumers excited with a giveaway

Would you like to attract the attention of the consumer and organize a fun giveaway? This is possible at Lime Factory. We take care of everything for you, so that you do not have to worry about the action mechanism, the communication, the technical handling, the legal aspect and the prizes to be won. How about an appropriate price, such as a free stay at a holiday park, a number of wellness packages or something else? There are many possibilities, because we have many connections with parties we already work with in the field of sampling. Curious why you should set up an online activation? Read on.


Setting up a giveaway can serve several purposes:

  • Increase conversion
  • Build consumer base
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • More traffic to your website
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Customer survey

Contests can convert high, because the consumer invests time in your product. In addition, online activations can offer more emotion than other conversion tools. Because it requires a certain interaction from the participant, this results in different emotions, such as a positive feeling or curiosity.


There are a number of important points when setting up a giveaway. Think of the action mechanism, the communication, the legal aspect and the price.


Before a giveaway is drawn up, it must be determined which action best suits your target group. The action must be clear and simple. The fewer steps, the more successful. For example, a flyer may contain a link to a landing page with a number of questions.


A catchy call to action is possible both online and offline. We are happy to help you develop various means of communication. For example, we can create the promotional page for you where consumers end up. Of course we can adjust this to your wishes.

In addition to the design of the website, we can also provide the design of the stickers and flyers, on which a code will be communicated. Do you prefer to send a mailing to consumers? We can also design this for you.


Not in the mood for legal hassle? There is a lot involved in setting up a giveaway. We ensure that the action complies with the code of conduct. Think of the different forms of drawing, privacy legislation and the price (does the prize meet the guidelines?).


Not sure what a suitable prize can be for your giveaway? We are happy to help you organize a prize that suits your brand and positioning and matches the giveaways. In some cases, nice collaborations are also possible here, where part of the costs of the prize are reimbursed by the price provider.


Do you want to set up a giveaway in Germany, France or Belgium? We ensure that your action can be set up multilingual. Of course we discuss the possibilities together.


Would you like to build a consumer base by organizing a giveaway? We recommend you to link a Consumer Insights Application to it. An opt-in is also possible when participating. Consumers can give their opinion about the product and indicate that they would like to be kept informed of other appropriate actions. For example, consumers can give their feedback on and the participants have a chance of winning a variable price every quarter. Monsterdoos consumers can also give their opinion about the products via our platform. We send this group a mailing with a unique link and then raffle 5 Monsterdozen.

Of course, a loyalty promotion, such as a savings promotion in which the consumer buys a product several times, is also possible. Do you have a good idea of how you want to draw attention to a fun giveaway? We are curious about your input! Or view some examples below:



To stimulate sales, an action has been set up with Becel. Consumers received a free sample from various channels, including a flyer with a link to Consumers were able to enter their feedback here, where they could win an iPad. The purpose of this giveaway was a customer survey, and since the promotion took place in Belgium, all communication was bilingual.


A selected group of consumers received the opportunity to request Santa Martia Fish Taco via our platform The prize to be won in this case was the free product. The purpose of this giveaway was to let a targeted group of consumers try a new product and later ask their opinion.

As a follow-up, consumers received an email with a link to to give their opinion about the product. The consumer then has a chance of winning an iPad or weekend Center Parcs. In this way, Santa Maria was able to obtain enough feedback about their product from their selected target group.


Visitors could also win a prize in the Welkomstkoffer at Center Parcs. For example, a quarterly price was offered via a unique code in the magazine. Below you can see how this is designed. Here too, a suitable prize was linked: visitors could win a weekend Center Parcs or an iPad (ideal for the next holiday!). The purpose of this giveaway was to build a consumer base and conduct a customer survey.



On the Facebook page of the Monsterdoos, consumers can win a T-shirt, by giving their opinion about the products they have received in the Monsterdoos. Under every item of a product the consumer can give his / her feedback. There is also a chance to win a T-shirt through a drawing competition for the children. This can increase awareness. In addition, these consumers can also share a reference code they receive after payment, earning a t-shirt. The purpose of this is to increase the conversion.

More information

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