Focus on brand experience

If you want to grow as a brand, it is important to focus on brand experience. You want your customers to feel involved with your brand, so that they are more inclined to convert and, moreover, come back. This can be done by brand optimization. With the help of brand optimization you can ensure an improvement in the attitude. For example, it is important that the content immediately catches the attention and a clear call-to-action is present. For example, during a sampling campaign you can opt for an inviting flyer with call-to-action, fun recipe card or counter stand.

Brand experience is personal and lies with the consumer: how does a specific person experience the brand? You can respond to this by listening carefully to the needs of your audience and then propagating them. We offer customers feedback so that after the sampling campaign you know how the consumer has experienced your product and whether this has led to a repeat purchase intent.

For Wilkinson Intuition F.A.B., we have set up a sampling campaign at all Vero Moda locations in the Netherlands. With every purchase in the store, the consumer is offered a free sample with a flyer. On the flyer there is a call for the feedback program asking for, among other things, the product valuation and repeat purchase intention.

Wondering what a sampling campaign suits you? Take a look at our portfolio or contact us and discover the many possibilities!

Wilkinson Vero Moda sampling