Focus on mass

Consumers still prefer the touch-and-feel experience before buying a new product. That is why sampling is one of the most powerful routes to use for conversion, especially for FMCG categories.

Would you like to introduce the general public to your product? It may be that your goal is to reach many consumers within a certain time. If this is your starting point, we advise you to focus on the mass.

Sampling can increase the penetration of your brand with only a high awareness. By distributing free samples, you can increase the number of people trying the product. Another advantage of sampling is that the attention to the product and the memorization of the specific characteristics is relatively high during the testing of a product. As the penetration grows, your volume also grows. Note, one-off penetration does not mean much yet, because it involves repeating and binding the number of buyers to your brand.

Focus on the mass does not mean that the focus should be on everyone, nor that everyone should be treated the same. It means understanding the distinction in your market and the differences that make it possible to maximize the reach without taking away the benefits of the mass.

An example of this is the sampling campaign that we have set up for Herbamare. The sampling campaign took place at various Jumbo branches, greengrocers, and kookwinkel de Meesterslijpers. Thanks to this large campaign, the focus was placed on the masses, while at the same time a specific target group was addressed, namely the conscious shopper.

Wondering what a sampling campaign suits you? Take a look at our portfolio or contact us and discover the many possibilities!