Focus on the target group

With targeting, the marketing efforts are channeled to a targeted series of customers. It requires more planning and research prior to implementation than traditional marketing, but the end results are visibly better.

There are a number of important goals that you can focus on. Firstly, it is important to identify your target group. Who do you want to reach with your product? Of course you also want to present your product in an interesting way. When your customer comes into contact with the product, it is the art to involve your customer.

By means of a nice sampling campaign these points can be executed. Thanks to a sampling campaign you immediately reach the right target group. We also take care of the communication, so that your product can be presented in an interesting way. By asking for feedback (via for example a flyer) and a possible giveaway you know how to involve your client with your product.

A suitable example is the sampling campaign of Bambix at baby shops. When ordering online and at the cash desk, a package of Bambix including a flyer is included with every purchase. Participating baby shops are Van Asten Baby Superstore, Baby Dump, Baby Park and Baby & Teen. The (future) parents are very enthusiastic about this sampling!

Wondering what a sampling campaign suits you? Take a look at our portfolio or contact us and discover the many possibilities!