For our channel sampling campaigns, we look for the perfect match between channel and sample. In addition to the right target group, we also look for the right moment when the consumer has the time and the need to try the sample.
Flora sampling campaign
Knoppers winkelvoer activatie
Shopfloor activations
Do you want to create more awareness and increase the rotation of your product? Or do you want to give an ongoing campaign an extra boost? Shop floor activation is a powerful mechanism that can support you in achieving your goals.
Online activations
We guide you through the development and design of promotional pages with legal disclaimers and associated communications to promote your online campaign. This can be done, for example, via on-pack stickers, displays on the shop floor or a social media campaign.
Method online activatie
Cashback MAOAM
With our own platform for money-back promotions and receipt discounts, we encourage test purchases, repeat purchases, and in-store product rotation. In addition, we offer white label solutions where a cash-back promotion can be offered on your website.
The Monsterbox is our successful sampling concept that allows consumers to try out new products in their own home environment and give their opinion. Consumers can order the Monsterbox online and have it conveniently delivered to their homes. Promotion takes place via Instagram, Facebook, direct mailings and online ads.
Monsterbox activation
Knoppers Consumer Insights
Consumer Insights
How well do you know your consumers? When you start sampling, you obviously want to know what consumers think about your product. By asking consumers for feedback, you can deepen your relationship with them and gain insights into their motivations so you can plan an effective strategy for the future.

In addition to the above services, we can assist you in the field of

photography / film, concept development, web development, online marketing, handling & distribution.

For this we use our network of specialists that we have built up in recent years.