Consumer Insights Application

Do you understand the consumer through and through? When you start sampling, you naturally want to know what the consumer thinks. By asking the consumer for feedback you can deepen your relationship with them and gain insight into their motivations, so that you can plan an effective strategy in the future.

Are you not sure how best to tackle this? We can give you insights into how the consumer has experienced the product! We do this through our Consumer Insights Application. This is our own platform, where the consumer can share his / her experience with your product.

Via our online platform we ask for feedback from consumers who have tried your product. This way, they can indicate what they thought of the product and whether the consumer is considering buying the product again in the future. We ask, among other things, about the degree of use, product valuation, product awareness and repeat purchase intention. One or more additional questions can also be added tailor-made. By requesting feedback from consumers, we can expand our consumer database, but also more effectively sampling and estimate the ROI. We can of course discuss all options together. Below you can see an example of standard questions for consumers:


Would you like to increase the penetration of your product? The figures below do not lie: before the product was brought to the attention of the consumer, only 24% had already purchased the product before. Six months after the sampling campaign, no less than 43% had purchased the product. This has almost doubled! For example, do you want to know the gender of your consumer? We can also provide insight into this.

How do we get our data?
We ask consumers for feedback via our online platform Filling in takes less than two minutes and there is a win promotion linked to it, which increases the response. In addition to the standard questions we ask consumers, it can also be tailor-made. In recent years we have collected data for 6 different sampling concepts and 300 products.

Two example campaigns are:

We also receive consumer data via the Monsterdoos and via Kassabonkorting is a platform for money back promotions and is an alternative way to let consumers try a product through the store. Thanks to our customer portal, we have information about a specific group of people. The communication within our customer portal can be fully tailored to your needs and wishes. Moreover, you directly stimulate the penetration, which is of course also visible in the figures.

We are happy to help you get the right insights. This can be from formulating objectives to making an ROI calculation or giving some practical tips. Would you like more information? Then contact us.