Sampling via the shop

Cash receipt discount is a platform for money back promotions and is an alternative way to let consumers try out a product in the shop.
Despite the fasct that it is a relatively expensive method of sampling, there are a number of significant advantages.
The consumer goes through the entire purchasing process, allowing the possibility for easier repeat purchases. Penetration is also stimulated which, of course, will also become visible in the figures.
Cash receipt discount is further distinguished in the field of communication, the link with sampling and the mapping of data, see below.


Cash receipt discount multi devices


KassabonKorting is a platform for money back campaigns and is an alternative way to let consumers try a product through the store. This is ideal for stimulating penetration. It consists of a very user-friendly app and website. The platform is retail independent ..


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Money back promotions are communicated via social media. A range of at least 100,000 views is guaranteed. In addition, more range can be purchased. We also provide our e-mail databases for extra communication. Naturally, communication can also take place on-pack or in other ways.

Cash receipt discount  Welcome Case data

Data, data, data

Certainly, in combination with the Welcome Box at Center Parcs, a trial can be generated first, and penetration can then be stimulated with cash discount. This has an additional advantage that the consumer data of both concepts can be linked, by which Brand Ambassadors can be mapped. By using the OCR software, whereby the receipt photo is translated into a text document, even more data is available from the promotion. Consider the number of promotion purchases per supermarket, per region or per period. This also provides a better control mechanism.