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8 tips to go viral with your sampling campaign


It is the wish of many people: a campaign or promotion that goes viral on the internet. A viral message is a message that is widely shared within a short period of time and is therefore spread over the internet like an inkblot. In this blog we explain the theory behind viral marketing and we give you tips for making your sampling action viral.

Wat does ‘going viral’ mean?

As discussed briefly above, something goes viral when certain content is shared enormously in a short time on the internet. This viral content can be anything: from a Twitter message to an Instagram photo and from a blog post to an infographic. The most important characteristic of viral content is that it has a high shareability. This means that people like to share the content, because it is funny, useful or shocking.

The theory about viral marketing

Although it is often thought that as a marketer you should be lucky with your content going viral, there is certainly a theory that provides certain tools for a viral post. Prof. Jonah Berger’s theory about creating a viral post is based on the so-called STEPPS requirements.

  1. Social currency. In other words, the social value. Someone likes to share funny or valuable content with their own network, because it also makes the person funnier, more attractive or more valuable.
  2. Trigger. There is a trigger when something comes back more often, for example every day or month. People talk more easily about things they are often confronted with. Content that is linked to a specific day, event or topic will therefore be better remembered.

What is the trigger of your viral content?

  1. Emotion. Content that evokes intense emotion gets people moving. Positive content (a dog that sees its owner again after 5 years) is often shared, but also negative content (riots during a football match) is shared a lot, because it evokes intense emotions.
  2. Publicly. A message that is shared by several people, so that someone can see it themselves several times. The assumption of this person is that the message is interesting, making it more natural to also share the message itself.
  3. Practical value. Content that really helps people. Think of saving tips, tips for personal development or a great offer on a product. A message with real value will be shared.
  4. Storytelling. A controversial, funny or sensitive story, everyone loves it. A nice story lingers well and is therefore happy to be shared with the network.

Do you want to make your sampling campaign more likely to go viral? Then use these eight tips!

1. Optimize for one social channel

Consider which platform fits the content that you have or will create best. It is important to focus on one social media channel and to optimize the content for this. Remember that a video on Twitter will not have the same effect as on Facebook or YouTube. Provide quality content that is easy to share.

Tip: people are visually oriented, so a video or image is often the best content to go viral.

2. Define your target group

A well-formulated, defined target group ensures that you can clearly focus your content on this target group. The more relevant the content is for a certain target group, the more this content will stimulate and the target group activates to share.

3. Original or emotional

Viral content must be unique or evoke emotion in people. It is therefore important to set goals for conducting your sampling campaign. What is the unique or emotional factor in the campaign? And how can we best visualize this?


Make sure your content is unique or evokes emotion.

4. Anticipate current events

Incorporating a current topic in your content can be very successful. A lot is being sought after all. So keep an eye on the news and think of a way in which you can link your sampling action to a trend or current event.

5. Short, powerful slogan

A long story about the underlying ideas of a sampling campaign does not linger easily. So make sure you come up with a catchy slogan for the promotion that remains “top of mind”. Try to ensure that the slogan and content do not feel like advertising, but that it is nice to see and therefore also to share.

6. Ensure visability

Make sure that certain keywords appear in all your content. Keywords that your target group is looking for can be found in the title of your video / blog / message, in the description and on your website.

Also remember that if your post goes viral, people start looking for your company. Make sure that you are easy to find. You can do this by calling all your social accounts the same as your webpage.

7. Think big, start small

Always think big for viral content, but start by encouraging the people around you. Encourage your current followers to share your content and don’t forget to thank these loyal followers for their proven services.

8. Reach

Add other people to your “distribution team” in addition to your own network. Make sure they are people with great reach and authority and make sure these people post your content at the same time to create a hype!

Want to know more about sampling campaigns?

By being active in the sampling industry for years, we have gained a lot of knowledge in the world of sampling. Are you planning to set up a sampling campaign? Then we can help! Contact us for more information.

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